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The physiology of addiction, how the brain changes at the neurochemical level and structurally with the use of drugs and alcohol is imperative to understand. This education is taught on a weekly basis at Bay Area Addiction Services to help understand why addiction causes behavioral and personality changes. The structures of the brain, the healing and recovery process of the brain as well as mental and physical health on the cellular level of the brain and body is a focus we implement in our treatment program.


Bay Area Addiction Services strongly believes that sobriety can be obtained and that each of our clients will have an individualized treatment plan.  We include strategies in our groups and curriculum such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, and presenting several types of peer to peer support that can be helpful for many to gain ongoing support in their journey of recovery. By involving several types of recovery methods, our goal is to aid clients in regaining internal empowerment and building a foundation to reach their treatment and recovery goals.  

Bay Area Addiction Services was founded in 2018 with the desire to provide holistic, comprehensive, multi-dimensional, individualized, and ethical high-end outpatient treatment services to those struggling with substance abuse. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to have individualized care in order to address co-occurring disorders and ensure personal needs are met. We have program 3 times a week for a 12-week period that offers 12 step opportunities, but recognize that other options are available and thus support other recovery program options such as Celebrate Recovery, LifeRing, and Refuge Recovery. We include strategies in our groups and curriculum. 

Our program creates a wide variety of therapeutic strategies to our clients such as: Group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, educational groups given by professionals in the field, as well as holistic amenities like acupuncture, art therapy, nutrition, and fitness guidance. A specific dynamic of Bay Area Addiction Services is that we provide a team of trained professionals who all collaborate and help incorporate mental health care. We provide the support and non-judgmental atmosphere needed for a safe environment where shame and emotional dysregulation can be modified and lead our clients to a life with hope, healing, and health.

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Our outpatient program stands out from  others by offering comprehensive collaborative medical and psychiatric  services, medication management, individualized therapy, and advanced  evidence based treatments for depression and psychiatric disorders.

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Families, friends, and loved ones are an  important part of the recovery process for our clients. We encourage our  clients to include family, friends, and loved ones to join them in this  journey of recovery.

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Our program is designed to integrate  several modalities and creative treatment plans to help provide what  works for each individual client. The goal for our team is to offer and  expose several different treatments and recovery  options that help heal our  clients in order for them to continue this behavior once they have begun  to move on from this level of care.

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The Brain & Body


We are in the same suite as a medical practice where you have an option to utilize services for physical and mental health services.

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 The Nurse Amanda is the BEST nurse I've ever came in counter with. She has this love and passion for her job that I've never seen from any  other nurse. This place is the best because of Amanda and  her team that have this NATURAL way of caring for others..  -D

"What more could you ask for than someone who is passionate about what they do and can light the same fire in you. Amanda got me involved in my treatment in a way that I was never expecting. If I am not engaged in the material then I am not learning, and I am not growing. Amanda's love for her work allowed me to learn so much about recovery and grow into a person with a brand-new perspective on life and whole new understanding of myself." -Christina

I have never been at a lower point in my life than when I  entered treatment I was an immature, self-centered kid from Los  Altos who thought life was supposed to be given to me and not earned. I  started out taking a few Vicodin pills with my friends and I thought  life was one big party. 

I  was in shock, but for the first time in my life I started to see who I  really was. I was now with myself 24/7. I connected all the dots in my  life that previously seemed to have no relation to my drugs use. I began  to understand that everything my Counselor Lexi said and did was for a purpose. One of the goals was to get me  out of my comfort level. Once I began to trust the process, I was  given a glimpse of the gifts that I had been told I can get from this  place all along, and I wanted more. I started to believe in myself, and  for the first time I felt self-esteem, which continued to grow. My  self-esteem is what I truly lost the most through my drug addiction. I  used drugs to make me “happy” or confident for the time-being. However, I  never felt truly happy until I let go and dealt with my problems  instead of running away. -G

 "I love that this outpatient has a chef on staff! I came here to tour and I felt very comfortable and wished they were open now so I could start my journey with them. I was surprised they were so open and professional to give me referrals with great things to say about each place. Best of luck BAAS!"   - Anonymous 

"I will keep it short and sweet!!! These experts, Lexi, Amanda and Cindy helped my son save his life in a previous space where they worked together! I am over joyed to see that they are together again."    -  J

What can say I say about Amanda that hasn't been already said? She is an amazing person, with a big heart. Her knowledge is endless and it’s very inspiring to see what she has accomplished. She has counseled me through some life changing decisions and I am forever grateful for her. I am thankful to have met Amanda when I did because I would have ended up in a different place. So, thank you Amanda, for everything!


 "I wanted to share how special Amanda is and how special she is to me and my family. Amanda saved his life!!!! Someone very close to me was suffering from a severe addiction and Amanda and her team were able to help and support him. Amanda is extremely caring and compassionate. She truly cares about people and has a heart of gold. Amanda has a very strong staff who are knowledgeable and always have good recommendations. My family and I will always be grateful for Amanda."  - Cassandra 

I went to another addiction services establishment that had many of the same employees as Bay Area Addiction Services almost three years ago and they were the first professionals that were finally able to help me tackle my addiction. Amanda wants the best for her clients and you never doubt that at any time, she is the most genuine person I have every met. Dave gave me the guidance to find who I wanted to be and how to get to that place through self love, self determination and a lot of work Thank to you all. -K.W.

Collaborating Office Testimonials:

I cannot thank Dr. Shakir and his staff enough for giving me the tools  to deal with my stress and anxiety.  They look at the whole person.    Kate was a perfect choice for the counseling portion for me.  Yes, there  is talk of accomplishments - but, you are responsible for pulling the  positives from the sessions, using the tools that they give you to  manage your anxiety.  My life is certainly improved! -Anonymous

In the past, some doctors have made me feel like a junkie for wanting medication to treat my condition. Dr Shakir is warm and personable as well.  He always talks to me and he  never makes me feel like I am just my illness.  He also is happy to take  the time to explain how the medicines work and has web resources that  you can review as well.  As a microbiologist, I really appreciate having  a doctor who understands the biochemistry (maybe they all should and  maybe many of them do, but most don't show it or bother to explain in my  experience). I can't speak highly enough about the whole office. - G.S.

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