After Outpatient

Planning the Next Step

Bay  Area Addiction Services understands that a 12-week program can go very  fast. Our team will make sure that prior to completing your program you  have the proper resources in place to help support your recovery plan.  Over the duration of our program we get the chance to identify specific  needs that the team, as well as the client, use to create a plan for not  only during treatment but also for when they discharge. This process  takes into account what else is taking place in our client’s life, such  as: family, work, school, mental and physical health, religious  preferences, and referrals that our case managers will help you set up  appointments for before you complete your 12-week program. Bay Area  Addiction Services is located within a medical office that helps to  maintain a collaboration between our program and other needs that you  may need during treatment, as well as after your twelve-week program.