Are the Twelve Steps for me?


Bay Area Addiction Services encourages clients to try the 12 Step Model due to the fact that we have seen the 12-step program work for so many. The twelve steps have a purpose and can be a great support system for many because it can provide peer to peer support, encourages interpersonal change, and foster some order back to your life. Be that as it may, we do not believe in one singular way to become sober and maintain a life of recovery. However, we do require our clients to be open to trying different methods of meetings so they can truly learn through experience what feels right for them and get to discuss this with their counselor or therapist. With that being said, we do believe that each client should leave treatment with a program of recovery, whatever that looks like for them. Recovery from addiction requires maintenance tailored to each individual so that long lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol is possible. 

Bay Area Addiction Services believes that you need to do one thing every day to work on your recovery. This could be going to a 12-step meeting or meeting of your choice, meditation, reading a daily reflection, or whatever works for you to help you maintain your sobriety. With years of experience, Bay Area Addiction Services has seen a repeated pattern of clients successfully completing treatment, but after they leave, they do not have a program of recovery mapped out. While in treatment, some clients do not work on getting a sober support system outside of treatment. Even though you can always count on Bay Area Addiction Services, who are always just a phone call away, we believe you need to seek out a support system outside of BAAS. If you do not feel the 12 steps are for you, we will introduce you to all kinds of various recovery avenues such as: SMART Recovery, Spiritual/Religious meetings, Lifering, and/or Refuge Recovery. If you are nervous to attend your first meeting, then BAAS staff would be happy to attend your first one with you. At BAAS, we begin working on your continuing recovery care plan the minute you walk through our doors. We believe in working with you, not against you, or forcing you to work a recovery plan that is not realistic or achievable for you. We want you to succeed at maintaining sobriety and are here to work with you and not make you go to activities that you do not relate to. 

Bay Area Addiction Services wants you leaving treatment happy with a program of recovery of your choosing. Through making and working on your individualized treatment plan goals with your primary counselor or therapist, we are trying to make a plan that you will continue to work once you have completed treatment. Some alternatives that can be utilized are MART Recovery, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, Life Ring Recovery, or Refuge Recovery. Other opportunities for great support and gaining back your life is fitness and nutrition guidance, yoga, acupuncture, and therapy which are all provided with no additional charge while in treatment. Bay Area Addiction Services offers free, lifetime aftercare for all clients that successfully complete treatment. Aftercare is once a week for one and half hours each group which can also be a part of your continuing care plan, if you so choose. The goal is to expose our clients to several modalities throughout treatment that can serve as one more tool utilized in order to better attain stability, health, hope, and wellness.