The Brain


Bay Area Addiction Services believes that understanding addiction from biological, psychological, and social aspects is a critical component to begin the healing process and continue this lifestyle change. In order to help support this, we include specially trained staff members to explain the physiology of addiction as one of our weekly evidence based educational groups. We believe it is a critical element for our clients to understand how the brain changes as the progression of addiction continues. This educational piece gives a chance for empowerment of each and every person that is included in our model of treatment. This clear view of what is taking place in the brain will not only provide insight to why you feel a certain way and how long you will feel this way, but also to assist you to better advocate for yourselves in your treatment. Over the twelve-week Physiology of Addiction portion of program, several things will be covered from addiction as a brain disorder, how neurotransmitters change and this is why stopping drugs and alcohol is so difficult, what a craving actually is in the brain and why it can be so hard to fight against these- even though you want to stop using substances, going into the parts of the brain where addiction plays the largest role, and how addiction highjacks our natural motivational system. The facilitator of these groups will also do two groups for family education or an individual session if it is needed for more one on one time, or if a loved one is not able to make the family group.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

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