Bay Area Addiction Services strongly believes in individualized client oriented treatment. At Bay Area Addiction Services, we understand that not everyone comes from the same walk of life and will need a treatment plan that fits the needs of each separate client.

Intensive outpatient rehab programs (IOPs) are designed to treat clients who suffer from addiction or alcoholism without requiring a lengthy and expensive stay in a residential treatment facility. Bay Area Addiction Services was made to cater to individuals to allow clients to maintain regular daily routines- including jobs, school, and family life.

Bay Area Addiction Services’ intensive outpatient program consist of clinical sessions spread over the course of three days. Clients at Bay Area Addiction Services attend scheduled groups sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm-9:00pm and on Saturdays from 10:00am-1:30pm which include a separate family and client process group at the beginning, which then leads into everyone coming together for a psychoeducational group to assist families in understanding what addiction is. 

One of the foundations of the Bay Area Addiction Services’ program is to provide patients with high-quality care that still allows them to stay integrated within their daily routines while also promoting long-term recovery. Life contains stressors that trigger clients to want to use substances to deal with these issues. Bay Area Addiction Services’ IOP program offers help to support the individual and teaches them coping skills in order to deal with life stressors. 

Intensive outpatient programs at Bay Area Addiction Services are limited to twelve clients per track, to ensure that every client receives the individualized care and attention that they deserve and need in order to recover. Small groups also help to facilitate a safe group dynamic in which patients can process emotions and events in a safe environment. 

During group therapy, clients will have the opportunity to process their emotions, learn about relapse prevention strategies, and handle any barriers that stand in the way of their recovery. 

Individual therapeutic services are also a part of intensive outpatient rehab programs at Bay Area Addiction Services. In these sessions, each patient receives the individualized attention they deserve in order to assist them to recover from addiction or alcoholism. These sessions provide clients an opportunity to work through underlying issues, address trauma, learn healthy coping skills, and express a range of emotions with professional clinicians.