Family interaction in the treatment process is a strong belief of Bay Area Addiction Services. We offer several opportunities to include family in this treatment journey as well as offer the support you may need through a variety of ways: Depending on individual need and your schedule, joining weekly family educational group therapy, individual therapy with a licensed therapist and yourself, individual therapy with a licensed therapist and you and your loved one, and referrals to support options for those interested.  We will be as creative as possible to make sure, with the client’s consent, that you are involved and interact in treatment whether that be in person, over the phone, or through secure video skype.

The families’ interaction with a Therapist, Counselor, RN, or Psychiatrist can be helpful with learning about: The Physiology of Addiction and the Brain, Mental Health, Shame of the client and family members, guilt, effective communication, communication, family systems, codependent behaviors, setting boundaries, ways to help support someone in the recovery process, understand relapse, and how to best provide support to your loved one.  All of which are geared towards helping you and your loved one gain a deeper understanding in order to aid in your loved one’s recovery journey.

Bay Area Addiction Services understands that addiction and mental health diagnosis affect more than just our clients, but our client’s families and loves ones. The struggle and daily battle of addiction for the person who is addicted to a substance, as well as those involved in this person life, can be very destructive and difficult on the family system. By attending the different family services, we offer, this allows families the opportunity to obtain the education, therapy, and insight to better cope with their loved one’s addiction.