Why Us?

Bay Area Addiction Services offers a unique treatment experience. We ensure our staff is comprised of individuals that all have different approaches and backgrounds to offer throughout the 12 weeks of treatment. An aspect we feel is a great attribute to our program is the fact that we do not have a one-track treatment system. We integrate an array of types of groups, therapies, educational experiences, and options that help our clients, and our clients loved ones, to ensure they connect to the treatment and that it has real life applications once they graduate from the 12-week program. Another aspect that is a key to our program is the value of having several sources that can be used by our clients in the same office suite such as: medication assisted treatment, medication management, and the newest and evidenced based mental health treatments- all to help with several mental health alignments, addiction, and overall health. 

The founder of Bay Area Addiction Services has extensive training and education in the physiology of addiction and how the brain changes at the neurochemical level and structurally with the use of drugs and alcohol. This education is taught on a weekly basis to help our clients understand why addiction causes behavioral changes, personality changes, what a craving is and what it looks like in the structures of the brain, the healing process of the brain, and mental and physical health on the cellular level of the brain and body.