Vision, Philosophy, & Mission

At Bay Area Addiction Services,  we will work together to find the most current and effective evidence  based treatments, modalities, and research to treat addiction.

Bay Area Addiction Services  (BAAS) was founded in 2018 with the desire to provide holistic,  comprehensive, multi-dimensional, individualized, and ethical high-end  outpatient treatment services to those struggling with substance abuse.  As a small atmosphere, our goal is to provide the opportunity to have  individualized care in order to address co-occurring disorders and  ensure personal needs are met. As a result, each of our clients work  closely with their treatment team to create a program that will work  best for them to support a life of recovery and health. We offer 12 step  opportunities, but recognize that other options are available and thus  support other recovery program options such as Celebrate Recovery,  LifeRing, and Refuge Recovery. Our staff is knowledgeable on the  different kind of recovery programs our clients may want to participate  in, and will inform the clients once a week about outside meeting  opportunities with staff.

The treatment program at Bay Area Addiction Services is  based on accepted practices in the field of chemical dependency and is  supported by evidence-based practices. Services are designed and  implemented to support the recovery, health, and well-being of each  client. We ensure that adequate resources are provided to deliver  treatment services, including but not limited to: staffing patterns,  supervision, and administrative support. Our staffing patterns meet, or  even exceed, industry standard’s best practices.

There are several pathways to treatment and recovery from chemical dependency. At Bay Area Addiction Services,  we will spend the time and dedication to support an individual’s unique  strengths and resilences, as well as, their needs, preferences,  experiences, and cultural background in all of its diverse  representation. Bay Area Addiction Services believes recovery from  chemical dependency is not a step-by-step instruction manual process,  but a process based on continual growth, occasional setbacks, and  learning curves: Recovery begins with a stage of awareness in which a  person recognizes that positive change is possible.

The Recovery process  encompasses an individual’s whole life including mind, body, spirit, and  community. Recovery embraces all aspects of life such as: environmental  factors like housing, employment, education, mental health, and social  support; and services like holistic, spiritual, and family  participation.


Our mission at Bay Area Addiction Services is  to provide drug and alcohol treatment in the outpatient setting by  treating adults in a small group environment in order to enable us to  give our clients specific needs and attention. Our purpose is to create a  safe and caring environment where our clients can work on their own  personal growth. We are a supportive, empathetic setting for  individuals, families, and communities affected by addiction. Our goal  is to help the client specifically identify what needs to change in  order to protect their long-term sobriety, instilling a sense of  priority and pride along the way.

Here at Bay Area Addiction Services,  we believe that hope, work, and action are the catalysts to the  recovery process. Recovery provides the essential and motivating message  of a better future: that people can and will find peace. Hope is found  internally, but can be fostered by peers, families, friends, providers,  and others- something we strive to do.

The Bay Area Addiction Services  outpatient program includes a thorough chemical dependency and  bio-psycho-social assessment, individual treatment and transition  planning, psychological screening, and drug testing. On top of  evidence-based treatment approaches, we also provide a holistic approach  offering additional options such as yoga, personal massage, and healthy  food choices. Through individual, group, and family therapy sessions  necessary recovery skills and education will be thoroughly covered, as  well as, clients will be introduced to 12 step options and encouraged to  begin to develop community support systems through resources provided.  After completing the outpatient program, our clients will be offered  ongoing support after their discharge in the form of a free lifetime  once a week aftercare program.

Our treatment program is  an intensive combination of treatment modalities, including group,  individual, process, and educational experiences- with the central goal  of supporting individuals in their development of an ongoing recovery  program and connection with community-based support systems. As a  result, the client is assimilated into a continuing action plan that  promotes growth, chance, and recovery.

Bay Area Addiction Services seeks to offer a safe place where hope, healing, and health can happen.