The  beginning steps to entering a drug and alcohol treatment program varies  for each individual.  We understand that this acknowledgement for help  is a difficult one to make so whether it is you or a loved one  contacting us for help, it takes courage.  Our goal at Bay Area  Addiction Services is to provide each and every client with the  attention and treatment they deserve in order to help give them the best  chance at recovery.  Therefore, we strive to get to know the potential  client prior to admission.  In order for us to start to prepare a plan  of care, we will need to ask some questions over the phone in order to  see how we can help you obtain your goals.

After getting a basic understanding of your individual needs, we would  like to have you come for an in person meeting as well as a chance to  see the location, meet some of the staff, and get to know us as well.   During this time we will complete an assessment for safety that includes  a history of your addiction, mental health, physical diagnosis, any  allergies, and configure a treatment plan that we think would best for  you. This assessment is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions  you may have in order to feel comfortable admitting to our outpatient  program.  Once we together make the decision that this program best  provides what you need for your recovery, we can schedule your intake  for as soon as the next day.