Payment Options

Substance abuse treatment can be expensive and may prevent some individuals from being able to get the treatment that they need. Bay Area Addiction Services  will provide support such as payment plans and possible discounts to those who  need assistance due to insurance denials on coverage for substance abuse  treatment, as well as those who may not be insured. Once we speak with  you and see what insurance payment options are available, we can  determine what the cost of treatment will be.

Insurance Coverage:

Bay Area Addiction Services  accepts most PPO insurance plans. During our first interaction, we can  take your insurance information from you and call your insurance to  verify the type of coverage your plan offers. This process can be done  within a 2-hour time span during insurance operating hours.  We strive  to get insurance verification done as quickly as we can so you can get  the information you need in order to start receiving treatment as soon  as possible.